Melting Point App.Microprocessor Controlled
Visualization Technique   Suitable for Dark Colored / any colored samples. Silicon Oil Bath Heating Type, Temp. Range : Up to 300ºC, Suitable for Melting / Boiling Point, Readability in ºC, Resolution 1ºC, Programmable, Visual provision by Optical Magnifier, Automatic Ramp Rate Proceeding, Auto Gradient Rate of Heating Control, Sample Capacity 3 samples.
The unit consists of a built in magnetic stirrer, glare free background illuminator and cylindrical silicon oil bath. The silicon oil bath consists of a plain cylindrical container of corning glass having capacity of about 200 ml. It is furnished with a Ptfe cover fitted with special type of oil immersion heater, having three small holes for holding the capillaries, one big hole for thermometer and another big hole for boiling point tube / Temp. Sensors for calibration purposes. A variable speed stirrer is fitted in it. The apparatus can be used for determination of boiling points, Temp. effect on viscosity /flow points and molecular weights by Rast’s method with suitable accessories.
Melting View :   Magnifying display of melting operation with the help of adjustable magnifying glass,  Melting point reading hold on by activating the “HOLD” key & reading is protected from power failure till “RESET” is not activated. 
Melting Point Apparatus
A metallic heating block is provided with holes to receive three capillary tubes and a stem type thermometer. The body is finished in stoving enamel paint.  The apparatus can measure melting point upto 350oC. The block is heated by   superior heating elements and temp. is controlled by a heating regulator. A  shadowless lamp has been provided to illuminate the capillaries and focusable magnifier facilitates in observations.  The whole unit is housed in a aluminium cast casing and provided with a control panel.  Provided with indicator lamps,heat energy regulator, on-off switch, cord-plug etc.  the equipment is to work  on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase. Supplied without thermometer & capillaries.

Melting Point Apparatus Automatic Microprocessor
Melting Point Apparatus Automatic Microprocessor Controlled, Miniature Furnace Type, Temperature Range : Up to 350ºC,  
The instrument basically consists of a miniature furnace with Auto controlled heating rate arrangement, an air circulating arrangement and a digital temp. Indicating circuitry with necessary controls, Temperature at the melting point is latched on the digital display and the furnace is automatically cut-off. The instrument gives audio & visual indications, on reaching the temperature at which the sample melts. The temperature indicating point of the sample remains displayed on the panel till the switch is “RESET” is operated. Not Suitable for Dark Colored Samples. Opto-coupled light  transmission based, Sample required to be transparent at the time of melting. Suitable for Melting Point, Recommended for Melting Range 350ºC, Readability ºC, Resolution 1ºC, Programmable, Automatic ramp Rate Proceeding, Auto Gradient Rate of Heating Control, Sample Capacity 1 Sample, With Cooling arrangement of Furnace, 
OPERATION : Fully Automatic “Sample Fill and Forget”
All the selection of programming is fully protected from power failure including “HOLD” action of melting temperature. Once the start action is initiated, it will reach to find out the melting point of sample, even multiple time power failure.

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Melting Point Apparatus Automatic Microprocessor, Melting Point Apparatus, Melting Point App.Microprocessor Controlled,
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