Flame Photometer 128 X 64 Graphical LCD Display



  With Sodium (Na) and   Potassium (K) filters

  Readout :   24X4 line LCD display, Auto Ignition System,

Detector :   Silicon Photo Diode, Filters: Narrow Band

Interface Glass Filters

Nebulizer :  Black Bakelite, Axial Flow Type,

  Flame System :  LPG  and Dry oil free air., Up to 5 point

calibration, direct read out  in ppm and mg/l,

auto Filter selection, auto ignition, single

aspiration, RS232 interface, with compressor

and other accessories,

Power Supply: 230 V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz.

  Optional : Ca & Li filters can be provided on Extra cost


 Optional :  “Ca” & “Li” Filter can be supplied on extra cost of each Filter.


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