Fluorometer Digital


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Excitation Source 12V, 50W Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Sensitive Range Adjustable in 4 Ranges   
Primary Filters Corning 5840  and  Corning 5113 mounted on holders
Secondary Filters Corning 4308, Corning 3486 & Corning 3385 mounted on holders.
Detector Highly Sensitive wide range Photo Diode/ Cell
Sample Test Tube 15mm (D) X 80mm (H)
  Sample Volume 


  4 ml
Power Supply    230 V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz.
Dimension    262 X 340 X 165 mm ( Aprox. )
Weight 5 Kg.  ( Aprox. )
Standard Accessories Primary and Secondary Filters : A Set of 5 Test  Tube


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