NU-345 KARL FISCHER AUTO TITRIMETER                                                             

Display                   : Array of 10 LED in Line

Sample Size           : 1 to 50 mg of water

Indication              :  RUN ADD END Display in Auto Mode

  1. F. Flow : Highly Sensitive solenoid control valve

for automatic control  of  K. F. Reagent.

  1. F. Dispensing Resolution : 0.05 ml.

Detection              : Current Sensing by Electronic Control.

Measuring Electrode :           Dual Platinum electrode

Titration Cell          :  Air Tight 200 ml. Glass Vessel.

End Point Delay    :  30 Seconds

Timer      : Adjustable Timer

Stirrer      :  Variable speed magnetic stirrer with ON/OFF control

Buzzer :  Yes

Burette    : Pressure filling auto zero burette with 0.05 ml. Resolution.

Power Supply        V  230 V, 10% AC, 50 Hz.


                           OPTIONALS & SPARES

                                A:            Dual Platinum Electrode.

                                B:            Burette Clear Glass (10ml.).                                 

                                C:            Titration Vessel.                                                   

                                D:            Reservoir Bottle (500 ml).                                        


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